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Mountain Lions Athletics

Mountain View High School


Mountain Lions Athletics

Mountain View High School

Mountain Lions Athletics

Mountain View High School

TSD/CHSAA Season C Variance

Thompson School District/CHSAA Season C Variance



CHSAA has secured variances from CDPHE and state officials which will allow all Season C sports and activities to begin practice on March 8th. The approved calendar will begin competition on March 15th.


We need to protect opportunities for all students/programs with the many uncertainties during these times so a failure to uphold all safety requirements for the season may result in the removal of an individual or team from season participation.


All school athletic directors will meet with each head & assistant coach and go through specific sport variance prior to Monday, March 8th.  Please have a signed acknowledgement that this meeting has taken place. 


CDPHE Issued: CHSAA Season C Waiver Approval March 1, 2021 per Ann Hause Director

The following information should be very clearly communicated to all CHSAA stakeholders, and should be posted centrally and clearly on the CHSAA website.

General COVID Guidance for All Sports:

    • They are exhibiting any symptoms of the coronavirus. 
    • They have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days. 
  • Face coverings must be worn by all participants including athletes, coaches, spectators, and volunteers. The only exceptions to this requirement are:
    • Athletes who are actively participating in outdoor play. Benched, sidelined, or resting athletes must wear face coverings. 
    • Athletes who are participating in certain specified indoor sports where a mask may pose a hazard. (The only indoor sports where masks are not currently required are aquatics, gymnastics, ice hockey, spirit, and wrestling.) 
    • For any of the above exceptions, be sure to check your school, district, and local policies, as some may be more restrictive than the state baseline.
  • Practices and workouts should be conducted in “pods” of ten (or fewer) of the same athletes who are always training and rotating together. This will ensure more limited exposure if someone develops an infection. 
  • Frequently touched surfaces, including game balls, must be sanitized as often as is feasible - at least on a daily basis. 
  • Athletes should not share food or drink, including water. Each participant must bring their own hydration liquids. 
  • Athletes should not share equipment or uniforms. 
  • Avoid enclosed indoor spaces with poor ventilation such as locker rooms and weight rooms. When such spaces must be used - i.e. bathrooms - limit unnecessary  congregation and encourage distancing. 
  • For indoor sports - try to promote ventilation and airflow. Windows and doors should be left open when possible. 
  • When considering spectators, if permitted by the venue, refer to CDPHE’s guidance for Organized Sports
  • No other activities or events can co-occur with sports in the same room (indoors) or designated area (outdoors). This means that band and cheer activities are prohibited during sporting events. 
  • Minimize travel - especially across county or regional borders. 
  • Check the individualized sport bulletins for more details and specific guidance for the sport you intend to participate in. 




$5 admission will be charged to all spectators, 4 per rostered athlete, 112 max per large gym.

25 athletes max per practice session
Face coverings must be worn by everyone indoors (including athletes, coaches, officials, spectators, and volunteers).  Masks should be worn properly and must follow the mask guidance per CDPH, sidelines must allow for social distancing, spectator capacity limits are set by your local health department, locker rooms should be avoided, and doors/windows are encouraged to be open whenever possible to increase airflow.

Coaches, rostered athletes, athletic trainers, referees, and other essential safety personnel are not counted in the total capacity.   CDPHE defines essential personnel as “coaches, athletic trainer, and officials (including line judges).  Authorized timers, recorders, and computer operators necessary to conduct competition are essential.  Essential personnel must be adults.” 


CHSAA Volleyball Bulletin



$5 admission will be charged to all spectators, 250 max per contest.

25 players per soccer team for practices and games, 50 combined totals for two teams in a game. These games and practices will be held outdoors - any indoor activities are not included in the variance and should follow CDPHE’s guidance for Organized Sports at the local Dial Level. Masks/face coverings should be worn by coaches, spectators and resting participants not presently engaged in play.


CHSAA Soccer Bulletin





$5 admission will be charged to all spectators, 40 max per LHS small gym.

25 athletes max per practice session

12 gymnasts and 3 coaches per gymnastics team, with up to four teams sharing a facility during meets and practice - totaling 50 participants.


Face coverings may only be removed by athletes during active practice or competition on an apparatus where they can pose a safety concern, but must be put back on as soon as the athlete completes work on the apparatus. Clear distancing rules must also be in place. 

Unmasked competitors must remain at least 25 feet apart from every other individual except for safety personnel such as spotters.

Equipment does not need to be sanitized between each use in cases where slippery surfaces could pose a safety hazard. However, it should be clarified by CHSAA which equipment falls into this category and which equipment requires sanitation. Consider issuing a recommended cleaning frequency. 

            ○ Minimize travel. 

            ○ Improve ventilation whenever possible. 

            ○ Avoid enclosed spaces with poor circulation such as locker rooms and weight rooms. 


CHSAA Gymnastics Bulletin
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